Wen 6550 Review

Wen 6550

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  • It has a knob for adjustments that make it easy and fast to switch the width and height
  • You can change the amount of wood you remove to as much as 3/32 inch
  • It has a dust collection port that makes sure the dust doesn’t go into your eyes
  • It has less vibrations and more structure because of its cast iron frame.
  • It has handles on each side that copies the human hand to reduce tiredness and make it comfortable.


  • It doesn’t come with its own stand so you would need to make your own
  • The knob for adjusting is made from rubber so you can’t handle it roughly or it might break

WEN is one of the brands that people tend to shy away from because they have products that are very affordable. Little did they know, their products are actually solid choices. Let’s use this planner as an example, this one costs only a fraction of what the other brands offer but it has all the power you need. It even has rubber grips on the adjustment knobs which would definitely ensure your safety. This knob is very easy to access and easy t twist until you get the desired measurements. With the adjustable design this tool can work with the thicker and wider boards. When we compare this to planners in its price range, those could only work with certain sizes of boards while this WEN 6550 can work with boards upto 6 inches thick. This one has a feed rate of 26 ft per minute so it could make 18 thousand cuts per second too. This is also easy to transport because it only weighs 79 LBS. This is definitely a very good choice if you’re on a budget but you want something above the average and powerful.

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