If you’re a woodworker, then I’m sure you know what a wood router is. But in case you’re new to this, a wood router has a lot of functions such as shaping, trimming and cutting materials. It’s a very versatile tool, but of course just like with any other tool, problems could arise. But don’t worry because I would make you aware of the common problems and the solutions to it in this article.

1. Endurance Problem

Just think of a situation when you’re doing an important project that’s needed as soon as possible, and then your wood router broke. It’s a horrible thing to happen, right? But this could happen anytime, anywhere, and you just can’t anticipate it. So what could you do to avoid this situation?


If you think you can’t prevent these type of events, you actually can. But you would have to start from the very beginning. First start by choosing a wood router that was built with quality, and, or by a known brand. This could make you spend more because branded items are more costly but you get to use the toll for a much longer time.

2. The Electrical Problem

What if one day you plug your wood router and turn it on but it just won’t work? You go and check the socket but it’s in well, and everything’s okay. Unfortunately, your wood router would just not work. What can you do in this kind of situation?


If you’re capable and have some electrical knowledge, go ahead and check the electrical circuit in your wood router. A solder bridge or a broken part of the electric circuit could cause problems for the electrical line. If you aren’t capable, it’s best to bring it to someone who can check it out. Make sure that if you don’t know anything about the electric circuit, you bring it to the professional right away. You could possibly do more harm to the problem.

3. A Broken Router Bit 

If your router bit is broken, that could cause damage to your project, worse it could create accidents that could harm the person controlling the wood router. Wood router bits could brake and fly up to your eye.


First of all, use a router bit that’s again made with quality. Make sure that you have correctly inserted it, and that it’s sharpness is good enough. Make sure that whenever you use a router bit you check if it’s in good condition. And to avoid accidents make sure you were the proper protective gear all the time.

4. Wood Dust Could Be a Problem Too

After using your wood router for a long time, wood dust could get into the gaps that lead to the motor of the wood router. This will eventually add up and cause friction that would cause your wood router to overheat and lead to the motor being abrasive. The duration of your wood router would be highly affected by this.


This happens all the time but it could be avoided. The impact of this problem could be lessened when you clean the router bit, the motor, and the collect before even using it. Whether you’ve encountered this problem or not, you have to make sure that you do this. Remove the wood dust, and make sure that your router is running as smooth as possible. And once a month, don’t forget to add lubricant to it’s motor, that would increase its endurance.

5. The Problem of the Belts

When your wood router’s belt is loose, it could cause your performance to be unstable. This problem affects the speed of your motor directly.


This problem is again avoidable, before even starting your wood router, check for any damages or cracks. Also, make sure that you regularly change your belt because that would strengthen your wood routers endurance.


Let’s keep this article easy to the eyes by keeping it short. But these 5 problems are what you’d commonly be encountering. These are also the solutions to make sure that inconveniences, delays, and even accidents could be avoided. The bottom line here is that if you want to keep things in good condition and avoid accidents that could cause damage to your project and worse to yourself, make sure that you buy one that has good quality, you check it before you use it, and you keep it clean every after use. Prevent them from the very beginning, it could still happen but it wouldn’t happen as soon as if you didn’t prevent it from the very start. Check this out for some reviews of Best Paint Stripper.

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