DEWALT DW735X Review

Dewalt DW735X

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  • It is very effective
  • It has a 15 AMP motor
  • It has three knife cutter head features
  • It’s 10,000 RPM
  • It has a double speed that allows either 96 or 176 cuts per inches for excellent finish
  • ⅛ inch highest possible cut depth
  • 3 months money back, one year free support, and 3 years warranty


  • It has a high weight compared to others
  • It’s very bulky

The Dewalt DW735X features a fan assisted chip expulsion system and a motor fan that would disrupt down the remains. This one is 13 inch in width, and a two speed planer that comes with 3 different harvester heads. It has 15 AMP; 10 thousand RPM harvester head rapidity, 20 thousand RPM. It has a chip ejection system that makes sure that your shreddings won’t fly to your face or get stuck to the tool. It also allows you to see how much wood is detached every time you pass it on the surface. It comes with a cutter head which is built for accuracy, it makes sure that no matter how hard the task is, it would still be the perfect cut every time. Since you can optimize your cuts with 179 or 96 CPIs no matter if your task is as challenging as cutting an oak, you would be surprised that the quality remains to be consistent from the very start, up until you finish it. No matter how deep you need to cut, this 15 AMP motor would be able to accomodate your needs.


If you need and want perfection in your every cut, there’s no going wrong with this Dewalt DW735X. It makes your job so much easier while making sure you achieve your task. 

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