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Are you planning to start a project that includes sanding? Or is your job requiring you to have a belt sander and you’re just confused on which one would work best for you? Don’t worry because if it’s anything about belt sanders, we have your back.

  1. We choose the best of the best products from categories.
  2. We but the best ones and try it ourselves to give you real feedback from our actual experience with the belt sander. Take note that we also buy them from retail and we do not accept units from manufacturers for free evaluation.
  3. We then test the products side-by-side to assess the ease of use, reliability, and it’s actual performance.
  4. Once we’ve tested it, we rank it and explain why it’s on a specific rank and choose the best of them all.
  5. When we’ve done our review and testing we sell the products that we have actually reviewed on eBay at a discounted price.

So how does our review process work? It all starts with selecting from hundreds of products to find the top product from categories. We then purchase the product and conduct a hands-on test on each of them. We quantify important differences by developing sets of objecting lab tests for each category to provide you with a fair basis of scoring.

But it doesn’t end there because we test them in the fields and abuse them to see how strong and how long they will survive in the competition. We use them on different types of projects and materials, and each of the products try and get rated for each material they are used on. Our testers are people who have years and years of expertise and experience when it comes to belt sanders, and all of them have an obsession to find the best amongst the best. At the end of the day, what our goal here is to provide the best belt sander for every situation, because every person has unique needs. And we achieve that goal by publishing relative scores of each product in the competition, scores that are overall, and on important attributes of each category. We aim to help you find the best sander for your individual needs.

Editor’s choice is for the products that have performed well overall, we also explain why we selected that belt sander by reading our detailed reviews.

This is for the products that are worth their price, in other words, the most “bang for the buck” belt sander in the market.

Now this category is for belt sanders that have stood out for specific applications, and you can read why and what for on the detailed review.

Our reviews are very different from the typical reviews you would find online because we actually test them in real life before giving them a review. Our review takes more work, but we believe that in order to help you find the best product for your needs we have to objectively compare and contrast each of them. We want to know and show you how they are better than the others, or how others are better than them.

So, go ahead and check our reviews and let me know if we are achieving our goals. If you have any concerns or questions you could check our FAQs or send us an email. We also encourage a feedback to help us improve and help you better.

Allyson Peters
Founder and CEO

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