How we test the best belt sanders

We personally test the products we claim to be the best because we want them to be the best for your needs. But how do we do it?

  • First of all, we look for the best of the best products from different categories in the market.

  • Second, we buy the best ones and try them ourselves to make sure that we provide you with real life feedbacks. We also don’t accept from manufacturers for free evaluation, instead we buy from retail to make sure the experience would be the same with when you purchase yours.

  • Third, we test the belt sanders side by side with others in the same category to truly assess the level of difficulty when to use, the reliability, and the performance they produce side by side. We also test them in the lab and in the real field.

  • Fourth, when testing has been done, ranking is done and we explain why and then pick the best from the ones we’ve tested.

We go through all of these to make sure that we give reviews that we could vouch for from our experiences with it.

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