Best Log Splitters For 2021

Top Log Splitters of 2018

There’s a lot of different brands of log splitters, but we’ve listed models from manufacturers that promises their customers quality performance. What we have here are the log splitters that would give you the bang for your bucks. Brand. Here is the Best Cordless Drill.

Picture Name My Verdict
Boss Industrial ES7T20 The most portable Check Price
Pow’ R’ Kraft 65556 Best for logs 20 inches long Check Price
WEN 56206 Best to Make Logs Into Firewood Check Price
Champion Power Equipment 92221 Best For Family Check Price

1) Boss Industrial ES7T20

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  • It comes with an electric motor that has 2 HP.
  • It could go through wood as long as 12 inches in diameter.


  • The power can’t cut green logs

This Boss model is one of the most easy log splitter to carry around because it was built to be portable. You could also operate this equipment with one hand only. It also has an automatic RAM return function that would allow you to work faster. It’s appearance does look rugged but it’s hydraulics is professional grade and would qualify craftsmanship and qualifying which would lead you to being assured your wood splitting properties wouldn’t be compromised.

It comes with an electric motor that has 2 HP. It could go through wood as long as 12 inches in diameter. As I’ve mentioned it could be used with one hand, so it has a push button to enable easy starting. Enabling one handed operations allow you to have a free hand during splitting.

Whenever you remove your hand from the machine while you are splitting logs, the auto RAM return would take place to make sure that no accidents would easily happen. Having a professional grade hydraulic system is the best choice when splitting firewood.

2) Pow’ R’ Kraft 65556

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  • This is a big equipment that could split logs that are 20 inches long and 10 inches wide.


  • None

This equipment has 15 AMP, 4 tons, and 1.75 HP electric motor to be able to give the ample amount of energy needed to make splitting logs a lot easier. This is a big equipment that could split logs that are 20 inches long and 10 inches wide. This also has two handed operation to make sure there is clear cutting and to keep your other hand busy on other related things. This tool is made out of steel, thus the reason for its durability, it’s known to last a long time. It also runs through a 1500 electric motor that you can plug on regular sockets. You don’t have to worry about current overload because it has its own current breaker.

3) WEN 56206

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  • it doesn’t need any batteries or gas in order to work


  • None

This equipment can make logs into firewood with great ease. If you are used in using an axe, you would notice how this one is more effective and safer in a lot of aspects. It could also provide for all your firewood needs and is made of steel to last a longer lifetime. It comes with a 2HP motor, 15 Amp, and it could produce as much as 12,000 pounds force. It could split up 20.5 inches long woods with 10 inches diameter. It also has a push plate that’s 4 x 4 to push logs into the wedge.

This equipment unlike the others mentioned earlier is designed to be used with 2 hands. When you remove your hand the RAM goes back to the starting point to make sure no accidents happen and it goes far from your body. it doesn’t need any batteries or gas in order to work, because you can plug it straight to your socket. It also has two grip handles, and 6 tires to make transporting the equipment to where it would be used easier.

4) Champion Power Equipment 92221

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  • Champion Power Equipment has been known to be used by many families.
  • Champion also offers a free tech support forever, and a year limited warranty


  • None

When it comes to splitting logs to make your home cozy and warm, Champion Power Equipment has been known to be used by many families. Their log splitters only need gas and they are very powerful, they have a 25 tons force. It also does a great job in combining speed and power to make sure they have a very good performance. It has a hydraulic cylinder which is 23 x 4 inches in size, an 11 gallon per minute pump, its hydraulic also produces a pressure of 3900 psi. it could handle logs that are 24 inches ling, 100lbs. it also has a 16 galling hydraulic oil capacity and a DOT approved tire.

This equipment could operate vertically, or even horizontally, depending on your needs. It has a cast iron sleeve as well as a oil shutdown that is low. Champion also offers a free tech support forever, and a year limited warranty.

What’s the difference between a firewood processor and a log splitter?

Both firewood processors and log splitters produce wood that’s used as firewood from big pieces of wood but they also have a lot of key differences between them. There would be times where in you could make use of a log splitter for a few rounds of wood at home, but for times where you would need more wood, or you would need a large supply of wood on a daily basis then you would need a firewood processor. To make everything clear to you here are the differences of these equipment:

Diameter and length of wood

Log splitters are usually used for shorter logs with the length of wood around 18- 2 inches. Now, firewood processors are designed to be used for wood that are longer, it could also handle would that has a diameter of about 16 inches.

Used at home and commercially

When you measure the amount of wood these two equipment would handle, log splitters would handle less than firewood processors. If you are planning to buy one for home use only then go for log splitters. Log splitters are ideal for people who only plan to use it to split wood in order to warm their houses. Now firewood processors are used by people who have businesses or commercial establishments that would need a lot of firewood either to sell or to use.


You can get a log splitter for $100 to $2000, while a firewood processor could get very expensive and if you plan to get one you should be ready to spend $10,000.

Amount of firewood

Firewood processors could handle large amounts of firewood at one run. In an hour they could produce 2 up to 4 cords of firewood. As I’ve mentioned earlier, log splitters are ideal for home use so they could produce those rate of firewood only.So before deciding on which equipment to get, make sure that you know where you want to use it, why you want to buy one, and how many firewood do you need.

Let’s talk about log splitters

Log splitters are used to split hardwood and softwood that has already been turned into logs (round sections) in order to fit the furnace. These logs that are pre-cut are done by a saw, or a chainsaw but they aren’t sized to fit a furnace, that’s why there would be times where you would need a log splitter to divide them into pieces so they could be used to provide heat. There are different type of log splitters as well, some are comprised of a hydraulic piston, while other are electric. They are then also rated depending on the tons of force that they are able to produce. If you want your logs to be split with great length and thickness then choose one that has high pressure.

Most of the log splitters are really ideal for home use because of their 10tons rate. People who use log splitters for home use only have less logs to split and don’t do it as often as those who use it commercially where it’s used more often and for more logs. While log splitters are ideally for home use, there are already commercial log splitters out in the market that could handle large logs and are rated 25 tons.
There are also manual log splitters wherein you could apply mechanical leverage where you force the logs into a blade that would split it. Corkscrew, also known as screw log splitters are attached to a tractor 3 point linkage on its power take off.


Are you planning to get a log splitter? Well you now know a lot of things to guide you in the process. But before deciding on which one to choose you have to consider your personal preferences, where are you going to use it? how much work are you expecting it to do? Which type of splitter would be more convenient: gas, battery, or manual? Make sure to take the time to think of which type would suit your place of use and what you really need.
Now that you have everything you need to know and remember when buying a log splitter, we hope that we have helped you clear your mind, and learned a lot from our list of our top 4 that would give you what’s worth your money.

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