Best Wood Router For 2021

You would be able to know a good wood router when it can do woodworks that has to be done on stationary machines, you would know it’s the best one around if it could do it efficiently, in a more safe and economical way. When you are operating the router by hand, it should be able to mill a wide display of edges and also do templates. It should also work as a powerful tool when mounted on a table, it should enable you to create moldings, mill different type of profiles to be used in concealed joints and doors, and it should also raise panels. Check this out for best detail sanders.

There are also different varieties of available bits, jigs, and accessories out in the market to make this power tool more powerful. That’s one of the reasons why a lot of woodworkers own this tool in different sizes. View the Best Deck Resurfacer.

When it comes to wood routers, specs is not enough to choose because you have to have an idea about how it would feel when it performs projects. In this article we picked the best from the best wood routers that is totally worth the price. Visit one of the Best Multimeters for home.

Picture Name My Verdict
Bosch 1617EVSPK The most refined and precise tool Check Price
Dewalt DWP611PK The best built and torque Check Price
Porter Cable 690LR The most handy and small Check Price
Hitachi M12VC The most precise depth control Check Price

1) Bosch 1617EVSPK

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  • It has a powerful AMP
  • You can change the collet
  • Friendly for beginners


  • None

If you want something that looks good, has well finished fix based handles that are wood, and some soft grip handles on the plunge base then check out this model of Bosch. If you have to do fine depth adjustments, this one is equipped with a threaded rod. The mechanism of this tool feels really good and precise compared to others out in the market. It’s motor, a 2-1/4hp 12 AMP motor would start soft but features a variable speed, it could cover 8000 up to as much as 25000 RPM.

Well, Bosch has a reputation to maintain so when it comes from them I’m assuming it’s always a good one. This tool has a lot of extra torque, since it’s collet is ¼ and ½, that is somehow impressive. It could accept large and small router bits because of its collets. It also has a top notch depth adjustment. This tool will be able to stand any demanding router projects, all thanks to its motor having 2.2HP, and 12 Amp which features 8000 up to 25000 RPM. I’m sure that would definitely help you achieve the speed that you would need to get a precise finish. It also has an aluminum construction at the motor housing and base, it also comes with a power switch that’s dust proof, so it would last longer and won’t need extra help. This tool is a powerful but quiet, precise but lightweight wood router that is priced just right.

Our thoughts on this? There are two things why we love this router. Bosch has made it really simple to change how deep the guide bushings are, and it’s really easy to make adjustments relating to depth. This tool also has a baseplate, some mounting holes to make sure the plate is really centered, and other adjustments to make the working more precise. The motor could easily be removed from the base because of an easy clamp system. It could definitely accept larger bases as well because it’s base opening is really wide. Before I forget, it also has a wrench collet system that could help in keeping the wrench in its position and make changing the bits a simple task. This tool is one refined and précised tool that wouldn’t fail you.


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  • Comes with a soft plunge action
  • It’s lightweight


  • There’s no edge guide

If you need something with enough power while having a built that’s solid then check this one out. This one has a very smooth plunge action too.

Our thoughts on this? This tool is compact and has less power than the Bosch above, having 1.25 HP, but it cranks out enough to be able to help you with finishing projects efficiently. It also has a variable speed control feature that gives you good control of the tool. That feature could also help you on telling which speed would suite your project. Like the Bosch, it also has a soft start but this one has an electronic feedback that ensures the speed is maintained the whole time you are using it.

This tool also has a really soft plunge action that would allow you to lower the bit for cutting. When it comes to adjustments, it has a rod to help you make things easier. If you plan on releasing the motor from the base, it also has a quick action release feature. Unfortunately, the collect depth of this one is only ¼ inches, but it’s good enough to hold the shank of common bits. This tool gives you the bang for your backs and is ideal for small applications.

3) Porter Cable 690LR

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  • Simple to use
  • Auto collet release
  • Affordable


  • Single speed
  • Switch position is peculiar

If you prefer the small types then this router would make you happy. This has power to be able to work on needed jobs. If you loved the Dewalt DWP611PK then this one offers the whole same thing except for the fact that this one is P-C single speed. This is another variable speed that could be set up easily, it’s built with a rocket switch that’s protected from dusts, and it also has brushes you can access from the outside. One amazing thing about this one is that you won’t have to be worried about compatibility with other aftermarket things.

4) Hitachi M12VC

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  • Variable speed router
  • Soft start feature
  • Complete and well explained user manual
  • Accurate depth adjustment meter


  • It’s hard to change bits
  • Unstable router

This tool, like the others have a precise depth control, a soft start, an amazing power, and a good noise level. Those are definitely good reasons to include this tool in our list. Well, it also has a collet chuck, ¼ inches in size, and a 2 -1/4 HP 11 AMP motor that could be used in different speeds from 8 thousand to 25000 RPM.

In order to prevent any slippage, and to also reduce the vibrations, Hitachi made the base fitted with an elastomer compound, this will give you better control of the tool. So if you want something with a better texture and is more flexible, this one is a good choice for you. Having a fixed base construction makes using it have more ease, and allows you to glide on the actual project without having to worry about damaging others. This tool is the epitome of simplicity and flexibility, you could even adjust the wrenches to adjust the height to your workplace.


These five are chosen from the best of the bests and they all have their differences to match your preferences. What we can assure you is that if you want something that would give you a bang for your bucks then consider the ones in this list because they definitely do. Get the Best Biscuit Joiner that quickly and accurately joins two pieces of wood.

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