Rockwell RK7866

Rockwell RK7866

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  • It’s adjustable zero to 90 degrees
  • It could sand horizontally and vertically
  • It’s heavy duty
  • It has a quick release belt tension lever


  • It has a loud nice

This sander is a belt and disk combination that would make sure your job would be done with ease. It’s very compact, it’s simple, and it comes with a robust design that would let you work confidently using two different tools from a single machine. This has a platform you could adjust from zero to ninety degrees so you could sand vertically or horizontally. The mitered table could also be adjusted from zero to forty five degrees so you could work on beveled edges with the tool too. You can rely on this tool for your projects and jobs and it would definitely help you work at ease. This also has a quick release lever that’ll allow you to remove the sanding belt easily without having to worry about taking long to change the belt and disc. This tool has features that are above average basin on its price, if you want to work with ease this one is definitely a good choice. It has an easy to adjust platform, an easy to adjust sanding table, a heavy duty motor, a quick release belt tension, a compact design, that would give you a great outcome when used.

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