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About Makita

Makita manufactures industrial quality power tools worldwide. They also offer a wide range of industrial accessories. Makita offers innovation that is leading edge to power tools used for engineering that are built compact, energy saving, but still offers industrial results and strength power. You would be able to find Makita in La Miranda, California but the distribute all over the USA. You can also visit their website These are the Best Airless Paint Sprayer for a specific project.


Makita tools are inspected thoroughly and tested before it leaves their factory. If within 30 days you decide that you are not satisfied by its performance, you can return it to them and they will send you a refund or a replacement. They also offer a 1 year warranty for any defects from materials to workmanship. If ever any problem develop within the year from your purchase, you can return the complete tool to one of their factories or authorized service center with the freight being paid.

1) Makita 9903

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  • It’s powerful
  • Steady
  • It’s easy to use


  • It has a tracking flaw

Makita 9903 belt sander has an 8.8 AMP Variable speed and is quite impressive because it’s size isn’t as big as you would imagine and even if it’s motor is powerful it remains to be quiet, imagine it’s rate is only 85dBm. Its speed has a dial control feature to allow you to tailor the aggressiveness depending on what you would be working on. You can adjust the speed from 690ft to 1440ft/ minute. The belt system wouldn’t need continual adjustments because it’s self tracking.

It’s power cord is 16.4ft allowing you to move around a lot and flexibly. It can sand wood, metal, and even remove paint and rust easily. It has a 3 x 21 inch abrasive belt that could be simply changes easily, all you to do is release the lever so it would slip the old belt off and a new one would come in. This machine could also be used for long times because it only needs minimal downtime. Unfortunately it comes with an optional sanding frame at $114 which could be pricey. But reviewers say there are other sources to get it for a lesser price.

This machine is well made at 9.5lbs, it’s not heavy enough to wear you out quickly. It is also insulated (double) so it’s more quiet that others and also durable even when it gets banged around the workshop randomly. It has an 80 grit abrasive belt (mid grade). As we tried the automatic tracking it really does a good job, once you change the belt it’s good to use, no more adjusting. But the lock could be tricky to use if you’re still new to it, but you’d get the hang of it eventually. What’s amazing about this model is that even if the belt gets hot it doesn’t affect it in any way.

It also has a top sander that the operator could flip, lay it on it’s top and turn the machine into a stationary sander. It is also stable and versatile. And unlike the regular machines out there it’s dust collection feature actually does its job, this machine, even if portable is actually built to be clamped on a table for versatility and stability. Pick up the Best Soldering Iron.

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