Bosch 1250DEVS Review

The Bosch 1250DEVS work amazingly for finishing works. Bosch offers this model of random orbital sander as their most powerful one with 6.5AMP. But if you think that it’s capability is limited to finishing, you should know that because of its aggressive turbo, you can count on it when you need a bit more bite when sanding.

1) Champion Power Equipment 92221

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  • The best in doing what it does
  • The dust collection is fantastic
  • Even when working hard, it only gets a little warm.


  • It’s a bit heavy
Abrasives and Dusts

This random orbital sander is meant for hard work but unlike the common sanders of Bosch it doesn’t have a dust canister. It instead has a tube where you could connect a vacuum system, basically making it more ideal for hard work. If you are planning to do a lighter work, don’t worry because it’s operational even without the vacuum connection since it still has a passive dust collection system. Though it would require cleaning, it shouldn’t hinder you too much if it’s just a light work. This model consists of 6” sanding pads and a soft backing pad on their standard package. That’s compatible with the 5-hole, hook and then loop abrasive discs that are standard in the industry. It also comes with two more backing pads that are extra soft and ideally used for fine finishing, and one hard pad used to quickly remove stock.

Speed and Power

It may be unusual for this type of tool but it’s maximum orbital speed is only 6,650OPM and a minimum of 3,100 OPM. You might be aware that it’s other competitors usually have up to 12,000 OPM. But don’t get discouraged because a low OPM simply means it’s built for fine finishing work because it gives you more control over the tool. High OPM has the ability to grind material away quickly, if you’re thinking 1250DEVS isn’t capable of that, you got it all wrong. It achieves grinding in a different way, there’s an increase in torque when the current is on max, so it could apply the same force while handling a larger eccentric offset. This is doable in the turbo mode.

Size and Ergonomics

The lack of a dust canister makes the tool smaller than usual. It does have extra power but it’s just 12” long. It’s a good thing because it could be used in tight areas. When you are applying pressure you could use the palm rest which is rubberized, or both the palm rest and auxiliary handle, which could be found on either side of the random orbital sander. Bosch proudly advertises their special counter balance mechanism that could be found in this tool, in other words, you can operate this tool with just one finger on the palm grip.


Bosch 1250DEVS has the ability to change from finishing jobs to grinding jobs, while still having the grinding mode as it’s strong feature. This model stands out the most because of its features that are shocking because of its small size. With this there’s no such thing as getting tired because of an underpowered device, nor a too powerful device for a finishing job, because with this you get to have the best of both worlds. What’s more amazing aside from it’s capability to take the place of two sanders is that it has a 1-year “unconditional” warranty.

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